Cloud Infrastructure Services

Freedom from antiquated environments facilitates flexible growth and faster results


Forward-thinking organizations know that well-managed, virtual infrastructures cost less, are faster, and quite simply, mean better business when compared to the silo-driven and disparate environments of the past, burdened by location and technology dependencies.

Client Challenges

Many organizations today use predictive operations to dynamically provision disparate, integrated IT environments, significantly reducing, and sometimes eliminating, capital expenses. Dynamic provisioning provides unprecedented flexibility and scalability to meet periods of peak demand.

Achieving this model is the big challenge, given the constantly changing landscape of what is considered “cloud”, the costs behind it, and considerations as to whether or not an organization is ready for it.  Issues surrounding security and privacy top the list of concerns when considering the move, because it’s not just the application that moves, the data must migrate as well.

What CDS Provides

CDS Cloud Infrastructure Services will assess your current situation to find the cloud solution that works best for your organization’s needs. We consider all pertinent factors when identifying candidate solutions and outline every detail, so you understand all the benefits along with all the costs.  We provide the following types of cloud infrastructures:

Private Cloud: CDS helps clients gain agility and flexibility with an integrated and secure instance of a private cloud.

Cloud-Integrated Enterprise Services: We help you seamlessly integrate public or private cloud services with legacy data centers to create seamless and manageable capabilities.


CDS offers Cloud Enterprise Services and Data Center functionality to help organizations transform their infrastructure to a virtualized, automated, service-based model. This model is the starting point for integrating cloud services. Depending on client needs, CDS can help build and enable private, public or hybrid clouds. We will help you determine which type of solution provides the best fit, implement the right technologies and facilitate execution of your environment.