An SAP Business Intelligence Solution from CDS delivers a comprehensive offering including strategies and services to help you realize the power of the data you keep.



Businesses today are privy to more data than ever before, which enables strategic decision-making. However, transforming this information into actionable insights requires powerful analytics with easily consumable visuals and Google-like search and navigation capabilities. We combine the power of SAP and our technology expertise to create solutions that spell success.


Our Business Intelligence team covers numerous areas of expertise in SAP BI from data migrations, Enterprise Data Warehouses and HANA to dashboarding and query/reporting.

Our experienced solution architects and functional experts help you:

  • Develop a BI strategy and a Business Information Warehouse (BW)
  • Manage and migrate data accurately and effectively
  • Give business users tools to analyze information and gain organizational insights quickly with SAP Business Objects.

SAP-LogoIn addition to our SAP Business Objects, Data Services and SAP BI/BW specialists, we have consultants qualified as SAP Certified Application Associates for HANA – SAP’s new flexible, multipurpose, game-changing in-memory computing software. The SAP HANA platform, a combination of in-memory software and a sophisticated hardware, can help you query multiple types of data sources in real time, with unrivaled speed and volume.


Realize concrete benefits of an SAP solution from CDS by engaging in one or more of our solutions that address needs throughout your organization.

CDS SAP BI/BW Offerings

  1. Query, Reporting and Analysis

    Provide both self-service access to data and intuitive analysis. Users can quickly and easily create queries, format the results and analyze the information to identify trends and root causes.  Our Business Warehousing enables efficient storage and retrieval of data to support Business Intelligence components.

  2. Improved decision making

    Supports planning and budgeting requirements across the entire company. Enables deeper understanding of how internal and external forces can affect plans – so you can take corrective action early.

  3. Reduced cycle time

    Breakthrough approaches enabling collaboration between finance and business line managers in a unified landscape, streamlining the process of creating and approving plans and budgets.

  4. Minimized need for IT

    Offers you an integrated set of planning and budgeting tools and provides an intuitive, easy-to-deploy, and easy-to-use solution, so that you can align plans across the organization to drive optimum results.

  5. Increased user productivity

    Offers an intuitive interface and familiar office tools that help workers make the most of their time.

CDS SAP Business Objects Offerings

Smart components in your solution provide seamless integration and functionality throughout:

Advanced Analytics
Explore OLAP data and analyze multidimensional data sets with sophisticated analytic engines to access both numeric and text data.
Search and Navigation
Simplify your search process and allow users to get quick answers to business questions with simple keyword search functionality. Ability to explore the data directly, while leveraging the SAP Business Object platform’s universal metadata security and administration services.
Flexible Interface
Leverage the intuitive Management Console and Exploration Views for access that conveys meaning. Portal integration support allows for all levels within your organization to gain access to data they need to see, in a way that they can consume it.
Dashboards and Visualization
Transform information into sophisticated visual representations of processes and performance. Create interactive analytics and dashboards with simple point and click functionality to view high-level business KPI’s. Smart and effective presentation of the data and analytics behind it provide value throughout the organization.

CDS SAP HANA Offerings

SAP HANA is a flexible and cost-effective platform that makes data work for you.  This platform is loaded with an extensive suite of features and benefits in a quick-to-implement, analytical solution, including:

  • Immediate access to operational data without disrupting peer operational systems. Synchronization of key transaction tables, enabling easier analyses and lookups.
  • Streamlined workflows that encompass the entire process, from identifying relevant operational data to generating semantic information groupings, to final model publishing.
  • Access to data from any source. SAP HANA enables access to non-SAP systems so you can utilize data from all sources and expand on analytical models.
  • SAP HANA maintains connections to existing landscapes through standardized interfaces, while leveraging investments made in non-SAP business intelligence assets.

Our SAP HANA consulting services include:

  1. Detailed planning

    CDS experts utilize a structured methodology to create a detailed implementation roadmap that maximizes immediate and long-term benefits of SAP HANA.

  2. Data migration

    Our streamlined services accelerates non-disruptive data migration from a traditional SAP NetWeaver® Business Warehouse component to one that is powered by SAP HANA.

  3. Rapid deployment

    CDS helps you see immediate benefits from the power of SAP HANA in an efficient and cost effective way.