Application Support & Maintenance

Flexible Systems that Meet Evolving Business Demands


Enterprises experience a continual need for installs, modifications and application upgrades as technology offerings evolve. At CDS, we don’t just manage and optimize applications; we take a holistic view of technology, information architecture, people, and services.

The CDS Advantage

Our Applications Maintenance & Support Service provides flexible systems that meet the evolving demands of businesses across all industries, and provide measurable improvements to maximize IT investments.

Improving efficiencies while controlling costs

We don’t just “keep the lights on,” we eliminate application redundancies, provide business value, and enhance overall IT system performance – all with controlled costs. Our Application Maintenance and Support Service ensures your business applications are managed and operate seamlessly to provide a secure, high-performance platform. Our comprehensive frameworks, domain expertise, proven methodologies, and ITIL/ISO 20000 compliant processes enable our customers to achieve:

  • Swift time-to-market
  • Increased operational performance and contained cost through reduced business-critical application outages
  • Best utilization of improved productivity for strategic initiatives 

We’ll optimize applications and support and deliver on our commitments. This approach includes the following steps:

We transition responsibility of inscope applications while minimizing any service disruption.
We gather additional data about applications and their environment, and align them to your business objectives. We also implement productivity improvements and cost-saving initiatives so you see immediate benefits from made-to-fit services, improved processes, and delivery efficiency.
We manage your application support needs from the onset, and continually improve and refine how they are managed.

AMS Services-01

Application Production Support

Our 24/7 support keeps businesses running. We ensure your applications run smoothly and resolve high severity problems so unexpected issues are quickly addressed. Being quick and responsive to your needs, we provide technically skilled resources whenever and wherever you need them.

Best-in-class Application Maintenance

While Application Maintenance may require code changes, it does not change the business functionality provided by the application to the user.

  • Best-in-class process
    High quality, low-cost delivery systems that use consistent industry frameworks, such as ITIL and CMMI, experienced professionals, and automation tools
  • Proven global delivery model
    A flexible, scalable, and transparent services-based operating model with measurable performance linked to key business performance indicators
  • Visibility and control
    Visibility into each application’s performance, complexity, priority, and business impact using web-based dashboards. Provides real-time access to service performance metrics along with transparent reporting so that you can monitor applications, service volumes, and costs
  • Maximum business value and reduced maintenance costs
    Our predictive pricing and calibrated contracting brings out maximum business value with reduced costs.

Our multi-level support (Level 1, 2, 3, 4) and services include the following types of maintenance:

  • Adaptive: applications and corresponding documentation are modified to reflect the technical environment in which they operate.
  • Corrective: applications and documentation are modified with permanent fixes or workarounds to correct, eliminate, or minimize the impact of known defects.
  • Perfective: examines application data and processes for the purpose of creating change requests for performance tuning and capacity planning.


Initiating seamless transition-to-transformation

We seamlessly assume service delivery responsibility from you or your existing vendor, by gathering information across business, operational, and IT viewpoints. The Transformation phase is typically broken into standard and customized projects. Our Transformation Framework and Methodologies ensure we deliver the expected service improvements and productivity gains within stated business requirements. This approach spans the entire engagement lifecycle, with focus on continuous improvement to reduce maintenance overhead.