Hybrid Staffing Model

Bring Cost Efficiencies and Control to Your Project

hybridFor most companies the one-size-fits-all approach simply does not work. To maximize capabilities associated with resource allocation, the CDS Hybrid Staffing Model takes advantage of strategically positioning resources onsite, offsite and offshore in a combination that works best for you.  This delivers a mix of cost efficiency and resource control to your IT department.

In this model, phases of the project are carried out as follows:

  • Project planning stages are executed onsite at the client’s office.
  • Subsequent development and support phases execute offsite/offshore at CDS development centers.

Challenges associated with the Hybrid Model, such as administration costs and cross-cultural communications, are overcome through well-documented and tested processes. Our experience enables us to deliver quality solutions within guaranteed timelines.

Hybrid Staffing Model Benefits

  • The delivery model scales and adapts to specific project and client needs.
  • Our teams are skilled in working from diverse, remote locations, efficiently collaborating across geographic boundaries and time zones.
  • CDS provides 24/7 availability and productivity with the appropriate skills and knowledge to complete the project.
  • The project is carefully balanced and optimized for offshore, offsite and onsite tasks, ensuring appropriate communication, reporting and task assignments.