Microsoft Dynamics AX

CDS delivers effective, efficient and timely solutions to lower operating costs, thereby increasing value for our clients by leveraging areas of AX most applicable to your needs and designing a solution around them that integrates seamlessly.


Key Highlights:

  • Built-in modules localized for countries based on currencies, time zones, languages, encapsulating banking standards and legislative codes.
  • Intuitive UI increasing usability, reducing learning curves and substantially decreasing training costs.
  • Role-based permissions enabling customized data accessibility, allowing users to access information they need – anywhere, anytime.
  • Self-service reporting and BI capabilities enable rapid access to information, eliminating dependencies on the IT department.
  • Rapid Start services reduce ERP configuration times, so organizations can focus on value-add services.
  • Sure Step methodology increases efficiency with easy-to-use implementation guidance and tools, customizable templates and proven best practices.
  • Interoperability with Microsoft Office expedites user adoption and provides business intelligence with collaboration at an optimal cost.
  • Workflows that enforce and enhance controls based on specific risk and compliance scenarios, saving time and effort.
  • Web-based hosting through Enterprise Portal.
  • Seamless integration with other Microsoft products.