Data Integration

Flexible integration delivering cohesive intelligence at reduced costs


Data Integration complexity is at an all-time high.  However, ignoring it means throwing away data that may be critical to future success.  Businesses change – and whether that means growth, re-invention, acquisitions or mergers, embracing integration is imperative.

Client Challenges

Many organizations avoid integration due to the high costs of traditional solutions.  With so much data inherent to and surrounding businesses today, it is essential to unite disparate sources of information, so clear, concise decision-making becomes possible.  Yet, many factors weigh against successful integration:

  • Cost to integrate separate and distinct systems
  • Difficulties in identifying overlaps and ensuring information is not “lost”
  • Storing too much information – redundancy

What CDS Provides

At CDS, our services are sized to fit and grow with you.  We don’t use cookie-cutter fixes.  We customize to meet your exact needs, so you extract maximum benefit from the final solution, without extra overhead.  We identify exact requirements, outline a plan through collaboration with your team, and help you execute to a clean finish.

Our approach is unique and delivers results. Our services reduce data integration costs by at least 40 percent:

  • Customized: Our services provide efficient, scalable and compatible solutions, easily customized to your unique integration demands.
  • Functional: Choose from on-premise or Cloud-based services.  We cater to your needs, no matter your preference. You get precisely the functionality you need.
  • Reliable: Our consultants leverage widespread expertise and use repeatable processes to help you quickly and affordably reach your data integration goals.
  • Complete: We integrate and exchange for all sizes – small to large, basic to sophisticated. 

Business Value

Our dependable Data Integration services will create a cohesive vision of intelligence across disparate data sources, enabling a single point of reference over the entire enterprise.  We enable strategic planning and quick decisions with easy access to critical pieces of data, from any source.  We empower businesses with the following benefits:

  • Integration of data with reduced costs
  • Smarter decisions based on data from all critical sources
  • Clean and dependable data movement between applications
  • Innovative solutions to create integration paths that retain data without redundancy