DW-BI Migration Services

Evolve with technology using well-mapped migrations


Data and platform migration services emanate from changes in technology. Business Intelligence is, at its core, the pairing of business with technology.  As technology changes, so too must business operations and applications that use it. At CDS, we provide Data Warehouse (DW), Business Intelligence (BI), and version migration services to keep you running with the latest, so you continue to extract maximum value from your data.

Data Migration from Legacy to New Applications

Our DM engagements and services are designed to help enable success in every phase of your project – from initial justification through implementation. We not only help you become more efficient, we help ensure target applications continue to function as intended, using the migrated data, with the following services:

  • Engagement-specific customized data migration services featuring execution and implementation strategies to deliver the right data at the right time.
  • Integration of Data Migration tools with existing infrastructures.
  • Migrate data, applications, and other storage services to the new environment.
  • Testing and data validation conducted during data migration.
  • Capacity planning to arrive at the required infrastructure.

BI Platform Migration

In today’s business environment, companies must abandon heterogeneous environments housing multiple applications across various platforms and using different security applications. CDS assists in transferring these legacy systems into modules reporting to a targeted BI platform. Our services provide a solution that delivers the data you need – the way you need it – stimulating inventive thinking and pivotal planning.

With a deep understanding of BI/ETL tools and close relationships with the leading BI vendors, our consultants are positioned to manage the entire process—from requirements analysis to deployment in the target BI platform.

Our key steps include:

  • Assess current inventory of BI/ETL applications.
  • Identify gaps between the requirements and capabilities of the target BI/ETL tool.
  • Develop a migration plan outlining the new application architecture, resources and infrastructure estimates.
  • Setup the target BI environment and execute migration in waves.
  • Prepare a test strategy for UAT and regression testing.
  • Customize a BI application training program to transition users to the new environment.

BI/ETL Tool Upgrades

At CDS, our experience and knowledge allow us to design and implement a BI upgrade roadmap to update a client’s BI/ETL platform – with minimal disruptions to daily operations. Our dedicated consulting practice utilizes in-depth expertise to assist with any major BI application upgrade project. Our proven upgrade methodology and customized templates accelerate the entire process.

Steps that are key to our successful upgrades are:

  • Gather and understand short and long term BI/ETL requirements based on current and future objectives.
  • Assess existing BI/ETL applications.
  • Develop an upgrade plan with detailed processes.
  • Design and implement the BI/ETL upgrade.
  • Prepare a test strategy for UAT and regression testing.