Staff Augmentation

Placing Highly-Skilled Technical Resources – When and Where You Need Them

staff-augmentationCDS provides staffing services to clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. We place highly skilled professionals, who add value and follow direction to develop, maintain, manage and support your applications.

Through scalable staff augmentation, we supply required skills when you need them, fill temporary gaps to meet tight project timelines, and support quick project ramp-up. We place highly talented individuals or teams in a staffing arrangement that works best for you:

  • Onsite
  • Offsite
  • Offshore
  • Hybrid

With a staffing solution from CDS, you’ll quickly incorporate the skills needed to complete a project successfully, resulting in faster time-to-market and realization of business goals – we’ll find the talent, you put them to work. 

Client Challenges

Oftentimes, projects halt due to lack of necessary resources and skills needed to progress to the next step. Finding and placing appropriate talent can be challenging and increases costs.  This is when businesses look to staffing service providers to quickly find and place talent, so progress resumes with minimal disruption. A staffing service also allows the business to enjoy the benefits of increased staffing without the administrative overhead that often follows. However, before engaging with a staffing service provider, a business must evaluate if that type of solution will be beneficial.

Four questions to ask before increasing staff:

  • How do you reduce the cost of rare technical skills while leveraging globally competitive rates?
  • Do you need fluctuating access to a variety of technical skills?
  • How do you secure the latest technical skills without an investment in training?
  • How can your organization ensure that its technical staff is trained in methodologies that drive quality and speed in development and management?

What CDS Provides

Why choose CDS as your Staff Augmentation partner?

Our staff augmentation services are uniquely designed to help your business maintain efficiency and productivity when facing any challenge:

Contract Staffing
CDS places highly qualified professionals in short and long-term temporary and contract positions. We deliver the best consulting individuals and teams for the job, the first time. If asolution is not the best fit, we’ll fix it, to ensure quality and satisfaction. Read More »
Contract-to-Hire Staffing
Contract-to-hire gives you the unique opportunity to evaluate an employee on-site before making a final hiring decision. We also support and encourage our consultants to ensure they are continuously challenged and performing at their peak. Read More »
Direct Hire Staffing
Finding direct hire talent for your long-term needs requires recruiting techniques that differ from temporary and contract staffing approaches. Our in-depth evaluation and assessment of candidates ensures placements that work. Read More »

Business Value

Staff augmentation from CDS provides a variety of advantages to fill changing workforce needs with minimal disruption:

Cost Savings
CDS staffing services provide a cost-effective way to supplement your existing staff without hiring full-time resources. We place professionals who know technology, eliminating training costs from you budget.
Staff augmentation enables companies to scale quickly. By adding specialized talent, businesses can expand their in-house team when project deadlines require a larger workforce. This flexibility allows companies to respond receptively to market changes and exploit opportunities for growth.
Maintain complete control of your resources
Closely monitor staff on site and ensure each contributor aligns with your business processes and goals.
Leverage new and existing resources
Staff augmentation exposes your employees to new skills and technologies, helping them improve their performance and productivity.
Promote and enhance collaboration
The power of a close-knit team sharing ideas face-to-face is immeasurable. It improves morale while reducing confusion and corrections.
Maintain current organizational control
With staff augmentation, the current full-time staff provides direction and guidance to new employees. The company’s executives manage projects, delegate tasks and prioritize project importance. By integrating new workers with the existing employees, businesses can stay in control while protecting staff satisfaction.
Augment your workforce with reduced cost
We’ll provide the increased manpower and handle the administration behind it.  Our services take care of benefits, payroll, coaching, performance issues and termination, so you don’t have to.