Data Management

Empowered decision-making through data consolidation and delivery


Enterprise Data Management (EDM) provides a single, comprehensive view of your business. EDM supports operations and empowers better decision-making by migrating disparate data silos into an integrated, enterprise-wide data environment.

CDS EDM Services help you:

  • Manage heterogeneous data sources.
  • Validate the quality of data.
  • Devise a common data model through information integration.
  • Create analytical and presentation layers.
  • Manage end-to-end metadata in the analytical and presentation layers.


Client Challenges

Businesses today face several challenges in managing and using data effectively:

Lack of enterprise-wide visibility
Data is highly dispersed, fragmented and duplicated due to heterogeneous applications with independent data systems.
Poor data quality
Due to the absence of enterprise-wide data quality principles.
Lack of centralized metadata management
Non-standard data and exceptions in data range, type and length due to the absence of a metadata platform.
Poor master data management
Multiple owners maintain data pertaining to different technologies in various data structures.
Data security issues
Unauthorized and/or uncontrolled access to mission-critical data.
Lack of data governance committee
No structure to enforce data quality principles/standards or to create awareness among source-system owners about the importance of data as a corporate asset.
Multiple versions of operational reports
Sub-functions and data duplication in varying formats across privacy, legal and regulatory compliance measures, leading to uncontrolled data distribution and non-compliance.

What CDS Provides

From start to finish, CDS addresses a wide range of initiatives – from corporate-level main applications; distributed, three-tier architectures; to stand-alone server applications. We bring quality, expertise, proven methodologies, effective risk management and flexibility in executing EDM solutions for our customers. Our EDM service provides a full range of database administration, monitoring and support services.

CDS identifies the various components of an EDM framework and manages along various layers to meet your EDM objectives:

  • Data Governance
    • Data Stewardship
    • Data Standards
      • Data Definitions and taxonomies
      • Technology Standards
      • Data Retention
    • Data Policies
    • Data Ownership
  • Data Quality Management
  • Data Architecture
    • Data Integration
    • Data Migration
    • Master Data Management
    • Meta Data Management
    • Data Warehousing
    • Data Portal
    • Data Security


Business Value

We help our clients:

  • Leverage and reuse existing data assets.
  • Reduce the need for costly onsite, knowledgeable resources in addition to the training costs associated with those skill sets and technologies.
  • Eliminate tool redundancy and overlap, reducing software licensing costs, minimizing CPU overhead and consolidating databases.
  • Establish documented, repeatable processes while surpassing the applicable regulatory guidelines.