Working together, CDS and SAS help organizations use the power of analytics to seize growth opportunities and solve complex problems with precision, keen decisiveness and innovation.



SAS is the leader in business analytics software and services, and the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market. Through innovative solutions SAS helps customers at more than 60,000 sites improve performance and deliver value by making better decisions faster. Since 1976 SAS has been giving customers around the world THE POWER TO KNOW®.


SASWorking with SAS Institute’s business intelligence and analytical software and services, CDS helps clients improve performance through insights from data, resulting in faster, more informed business decisions and more profitable relationships with customer and suppliers. Better insights from data will also help to provide compliance with governmental regulations; research breakthroughs; and improved products and processes. SAS’s data integration, data quality, predictive analytics and business intelligence applications combine with CDS’s deep business and technology experience, knowledge and skills to provide value to clients in support of their efforts to achieve their business intelligence, performance and compliance goals.

CDS helps clients develop next-generation analytics and targeting capabilities with SAS’s software, which synthesizes data into actionable intelligence. SAS software technology and vertical solutions, combined with CDS’s consulting services, create a compelling end-to-end offering to support joint clients across multiple service lines and industries.


CDS offers a full breadth of SAS solution implementation steps from strategic planning, installation and configuration, data services, report and application development, to training and ongoing SAS administration support.  Product Suite expertise includes SAS Analytics, SAS Business Analytics, SAS Business Intelligence, SAS Data Management, SAS Enterprise Miner, SAS Cloud and SAS Visual Data Discovery.

Installation & Configuration
The Installation & Configuration Service provides a proven process for quickly and properly installing your SAS analytical software and configuring it to run effectively within your environment. We verify the software was installed correctly, functions properly and integrates with other SAS software products and platforms.
SAS Data Mining
SAS Data Mining Service helps you uncover trends in your data that could potentially impact your organization by leveraging powerful SAS analytics and our expertise. CDS will present data modeling techniques, help you develop your own data mining model and train your staff in analytical techniques. By using SAS Enterprise Miner software and industry best practices, we help you make the most of your data.
SAS Text Mining
SAS Text Mining Service leads you through a systematic process to define your text mining business objectives. Using your data, we introduce you to our text mining product by demonstrating text pre-processing, clustering and predictive modeling. Similarities and patterns are identified in profile clusters, providing you keys to unlock valuable data.
SAS Analytic Modeling
SAS Analytic Modeling Service enables our consultants to review available data sources and identify possible variables of interest for extraction. The data sources will be inspected for general data cleanliness and information content for use in model development. Our Analytical Consultants will identify driver variables and develop models using appropriate statistical methods to address the customer’s business need and score the data for use in production.
SAS/ DataFlux Data Management
The SAS/ DataFlux Data Management services provide proven, repeatable, customized solutions by understanding your specific challenges and determining the right strategy for your needs. Our custom-built methodologies and frameworks can help make designing or implementing your project a success. Our consultants have widespread experience in various industries using a multitude of SAS products:

    • SAS Data Integration Server
      • SAS Data Integration Server
      • SAS Enterprise Integration Server
      • SAS Data Quality Solution (Server minus DI Studio)
    • DataFlux Data Management Platform
      • Data Management Studio
      • Data Management Server
      • Data Federation Server
      • qMDM – Master Data Management
      • DataFlux Solution Accelerators
      • DataFlux Event Stream Processor