Contract Staffing

Flexible Staffing that Boosts Productivity

contract-staffingOur contract staffing service places highly qualified talent on projects precisely when it’s needed, allowing for effortless scalability and quick accruement of required skills. Companies rely on contract staffing services to support upcoming projects or meet seasonal requirements, while maintaining the option of quick workforce reductions during slow periods. 


Maintain optimal staffing levels while reducing costs and risk

When staffing on a contract basis, your organization maintains appropriate staffing levels while reducing employee-related costs. If you are looking to expand staffing levels with minimal risk, CDS can provide highly skilled contract professionals to get the job done. Our unique service adds value by:

  • Continual growth of our talent pool, so we’re ready when you call
  • Assuring highly qualified personnel, even in tight labor markets
  • Timely responsiveness from dedicated and specialized recruiting resources
  • Placing consultants who are valued as an integral part of our team – and yours