Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Partner with CDS to secure top talent that delivers through personalized and innovative staffing solutions, securing business success.


Realize a staffing solution that meets your exact needs, no matter the size or duration the project.  At CDS, we offer best-fit solutions through our Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services, keeping you staffed and ready to perform at maximum levels. We work closely with your internal staffing structure to identify the right mix of personnel and placement options to enable agile ramp up of projects that stays within budget and allows for easy adjustments. We manage your entire recruitment lifecycle for all levels of your business using a comprehensive HR solution that ties into your current model.

Client Challenges

With technology changing as rapidly as it is today, the toughest challenge faced by CIOs and staffing organizations is filling the gaps and positions that fit technological and developer roles with accomplished talent. With the demand of high-tech projects and solutions on the rise, the talent pool frequently dries up, leaving organizations with scant options. The quest for the best has evolved into a competition, and it’s heating up fast.

Acquiring and keeping the talent you need to sustain and support your business requires finding the right fit. You need more than just a search tool. You need an engine in place that provides a personalized talent pool from which to choose – a pool whose members are carefully screened and possess abilities that will grow with your business.

Common staffing challenges facing businesses today:

  • Lack of talent that fits the project and is readily available
  • Increased staffing costs due to increased competition
  • Keeping employees challenged and marketable, so they stay
  • Staffing adjustments to match project needs
  • Determining when to hire permanent or contract 

What CDS Provides

We understand the IT market globally and within your local realm, and we’ll fit you with the solution that best suits your individual needs. Our extensive industry knowledge and experience managing diverse requirements in different sectors ensures we deliver the right IT recruitment outsourcing solution for your needs.

Whether you are looking for complete HR services, need to staff a development group, section or project, we provide exactly what you need. Tell us your story, and we’ll create the solution.

Our staffing solutions deliver:

  • Talent Acquisition: candidate sourcing, screening and assessment
  • Customized Hiring: to address market expansions, cyclical and part-time staffing
  • Recruitment Administration: we handle offer management and on-boarding, including contract drafting, monitoring and management, as well as document reviews, to ensure well-defined, efficient placements
  • Industry Experience: our recruiters average 10+ years in key industries
  • Close Partnership: we become a part of you

Business Value

Gain market leadership and project success by outsourcing recruitment duties to CDS. Our talented recruiters are highly specialized in all technologies and secure a database of talent specifically for your organization.

Our services enhance your recruiting experience with:

  • Availability: we build a pool of talent that delivers resource placement when and where you need it
  • Administration Support: we free you to oversee the candidate and get them working.  Leave all contract details to us.
  • Flexibility: grow and shrink as needed.  We place and shift talent per project requirements, moving the responsibilities to our plate, so you can focus on your business.