Financial and Accounting Outsourcing

Manage, report and extract quality financials with CDS services, providing information and insight that benefit the bottom line.


Across all industries, CFOs strive towards a common goal: world-class financial operations. Today, that means going beyond efficiency and effectiveness. Achieving high performance in a challenging global marketplace is critical to success; and, companies aim to claim competitiveness through insights fueled by strong financial operations.

When you want to maximize efficiencies in operations that are core to your business offerings, outsourcing those functions to experts makes sense. You could keep and maintain these functions internally, but why? Businesses around the globe are quickly realizing the immeasurable value in outsourcing financial and accounting operations to providers who know it well and can deliver quality, leaving you to run your business.

Client Challenges

As marketplaces change and evolve, so do the challenges facing companies today. Increasing regulations and higher expectations create added pressures in bookkeeping and management to help optimize business performance. It takes keen knowledge of IT and business processes, along with acute accounting and financial finesse to make finance operations work for your business. Organizations face many challenges in this journey to optimization:

  • Identifying financial functions that can be outsourced
  • Leveraging financial system technologies that cohesively fit with current enterprise solutions
  • Acquisition of sufficient resources, distinct innovation and unsurpassed talent to address the growing concerns of increasingly complex and global business environment
  • Capturing and utilizing the power of financial information to drive smarter decisions
  • Continuous cost improvements and increased efficiencies in accounting functions while maintaining compliance
  • Cash cycles that provide faster results and drive the bottom-line effectively 

What CDS Provides

CDS provides world-class services to businesses around the globe, delivering business control, reduced costs and overall significance across the entire finance value chain. We cover all aspects of your financial operations, from transaction processing to compliance and business analytics. We make numbers work for you.

Business Process Outsourcing is the name of the game when it comes to streamlining operations. A partnership with CDS to manage your financial operations spells success, every way you look at it.  Our expertise in finance and accounting scale to your needs to provide exactly what’s needed, nothing more and nothing less.  We grow as you grow and adjust when necessary.

We provide the best in financial and accounting services through:

  • Experience: Our professionals know finance and are adept at IT.  We combine the two to create a solution that maximizes efficiencies and manages your business with complete accuracy.
  • Technology: We have in-depth knowledge of and have invested in technologies that drive business today.  Choose from on-premise, Cloud, hybrid and mobility solutions to drive success through flexibility.
  • Innovation | Insight | Analytics: Equipped with analytics expertise and thought leadership we create opportunities that add value to your business.
  • Delivery. Our Global Delivery Model enables quick delivery and fast results. We cater to your needs to provide services through a model that conforms, providing the best possible solution.

Our capabilities cover Finance and Accounting services across the complete finance value chain:

Retained Finance Services
  • Organization and finance strategy design
  • Finance skills and competency
  • Finance change management
Procure to Pay
  • Transaction Processing: accounts payable, travel and expense processing
  • Help Desk: self-help portals that address impediments
  • Financial Integrity: interface management, vendor statement reconciliations, payment accuracy controls
Record to Report
  • Asset and Transaction Processing: fixed assets, intercompany cash management and accounting, banking
  • Period Close: verifying data integrity, master data maintenance, account analysis and reconciliation
  • Reporting: financial and governmental, regulatory, management and tax
Order to Cash
  • Accounts Receivable: managing and processing collections, ledger maintenance and applying cash
  • Order Management: billing, managing contracts and sales orders, customer requests and inquiries
  • Order-to-cash Analytics: authorizing and managing credit, revenue assurance activities
Our services are further enhanced through extensive expertise in areas surrounding and supporting the finance function – procurement and supply chain.  We provide enterprise application services, inventory optimization, service contract analytics, and more – to uncover opportunities and extract superior strategic value from F&A capabilities.

Business Value

Outsourcing the Finance and Accounting function requires an effective global operating model, deep insight into an organization’s functions and experience.  Our F&A outsourcing services drive business success through effective management of information and smart analytics that enliven your business and make it smarter.

We help you become innovative, adaptive, connected and globally stronger through intelligence.  Efficiency and cost effectiveness only help when they drive better business.  We offer:

  • Efficient and cost effective services, to forge forward with insight.
  • Financial management services that allow you to focus on your core business objectives.
  • Reporting that supports compliance, now and into the future.