Predictive Analytics

Successful business outcomes secured through smarter decisions

predictive-analytics-bannerPlan intelligently with the power of predictive analytics from CDS. Smarter decisions improve future outcomes and are fueled by insights extracted from information. We offer solutions and services to deliver easy-to-use predictive analytics that meet your specific needs and adapt to all users, ranging from beginners to analytical experts.

Client Challenges

In today’s dynamic economic climate, organizations must deliver under the pressures of financial restrictions and tighter timelines to maintain “first to market” status. Business leaders continually seek ways to inject competitiveness into their enterprises in the most economical way to ensure their organizations maintain market leadership and growth. Predictive analytics can go a long way to make this happen, because it arms your enterprise and your decision-makers with knowledge that produces dynamic and effective results.

What CDS Provides

Predictive analytics from CDS delivers immeasurable insight to anticipate new developments, leverage future trends and mitigate risks before they happen. We know that you understand the importance of Big Data; but, the key is using that data intelligently. Good predictive analytics take you from basic knowledge of what’s happened, a modeling of that historical data, to finally, an understand of how things should change based on the past.  We provide the following in our predictive analytics:

  • Recording past occurrences
  • Historical trend analysis
  • Monitoring current operations
  • Predicting future behavior based on findings

Our Predictive Analytics offerings help you:

  1. Identify Easy Wins

    Find and focus on successful deals from available opportunities. Remove probable losses and questionable leads. Your salesforce can use findings from predictive analytics to close on deals with the highest returns, prioritize remaining leads and discover deals that might have gone unnoticed.

  2. Streamline Faster

    Knowledge is power. Use it to plan out the future, today. The more you use the information at hand, the more you’ll understand the operations within your business. This helps you make adjustments to increase efficiency now and define guidelines for tomorrow based on fact-based predictions.

  3. Increase Accuracy

    Fine tune predictions through revealing analytics. See hidden trends and extrapolate from them with a degree of precision that delivers effectively.

CDS Predictive Analytics can enhance any part of your organization. You decide where you want the power, and we’ll help you realize it.  We offer:

Customer Analytics

Uncover hidden insights into what customers want. Predict future product demands and retain existing clientèle by creating experiences that promote loyalty. Shape marketing programs based on these analytics to help drive customers to products even before they know they want them.  We help your organization:

  • Design marketing programs that speak to targeted customer genres
  • Identify at-risk customers for quick mitigation and retainment
  • Create personalized up-sell and cross-sell to maximize customer lifetime value

Operational Analytics

CDS predictive analytics extracts information from your current processes and leverages intelligence about trends and patterns to help you increase efficiency and reduce costs at every stage. We analyze every phase involved in taking your service or product to market and use findings to shape and improve future executions. Predictive planning maximizes productivity and profitability, because adjustments are made to customize towards efficiency based on past characteristics. We can enhance operations enterprise-wide to help you:

  • Meet evolving customer demands with streamlined operations
  • Optimize channels in production and distribution
  • Meet unexpected changes head-on
  • Effectively allocate resources

Predictive Analytics with Big Data

Leverage the power of Big Data through predictive analytics to extract intelligence that drives the future of your business.  Measure and track what’s happening, so you can predict when it will happen again – you’ll market more efficiently and deliver faster.  Analysis of unstructured data, leveraging social media, consumption of massive data volumes and faster decisions all require expertise to transform data into actionable insight. At CDS, we unleash the power of predictive analytics to make Big Data work for you:

  • Unify and utilize unstructured data to improve predictions and optimize performance
  • Analyze and discover easily though interactive visuals and simple summaries
  • Discover and identify customer sentiment embedded across multiple online sources – so future marketing and targeted programs work more efficiently

Business Value

Increase efficiencies and grow your business to its fullest potential by utilizing predictive analytics from CDS. With our offerings, you can:

  • Translate data into powerful insight that drives decisions
  • Predict customer preferences and future actions – increase profitability and retention
  • Escalate productivity in your people, processes and assets.
  • Measure and create a strong social media presence