Lifecycle Testing

Accelerate Quality Control of Enterprise Applications and Enable Efficient Transformations

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Organizations worldwide lose market share due to insufficient quality standards. CDS’s range of Lifecycle Testing Services supports organizations across industry verticals with domain-specific, independent testing and validation services to accelerate:

  • Testing cycles
  • Reduce time to market
  • Take direct control over the “cost of quality”
  • Reduce total cost of operations and improve agility

Key Capabilities

Regression Testing
Involves testing a subset of conditions using test cases to assure enhancements, fixes, configuration changes, or upgrades have not affected the system as a whole. CDS conducts optimized regression testing, considering risks, impacts and prioritization. CDS regression testing compliments explicit testing designed to verify updates to systems.
System Functional and Non-Functional Testing
We ensure the system meets the functional requirements of the detailed system specifications and overall functional requirements. Non-Functional Testing validates the integrated system against non-functional system attributes, specifications, operation and other service requirements.
System Integration Testing
We verify that the system integrates/interfaces/communicates with other systems, target platforms and infrastructure, to satisfy existing system requirements and specifications. This includes applications, systems, data and infrastructure.
User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
At CDS, we conduct and support UAT to ensure end-user satisfaction. We make sure the system is fit-for-purpose and supports their businesses. UAT includes testing the system against the business requirements and objectives following actual business processes and scenarios.
Risk-Based Testing (Technique/Approach)
CDS understands that Risk-Based Testing can be time consuming and costly, especially when conducting exhaustive coverage. Focus must be placed on software aspects that matter most. We apply the principle of Risk-Based Prioritization to reduce the risk of failure and increase customer satisfaction.
Performance Testing
At CDS, we ensure system/component compliance with specified performance requirements that bring high service-level goals to market, faster. Our performance testing practice is effective, repeatable, extendable and iterative, with well-defined guidelines to measure and monitor application performance.
Security Testing
We assess system/database security to determine how well the system protects against unauthorized internal or external access and eliminates access by unwarranted entities.
Accessibility Testing
We check the suitability of the application for use by able users.
Compatibility Testing
We test software performance in specific hardware/software/operating system/network environments using various scenarios and combinations.

Business Value

CDS’s testing solutions employ state-of-the-art tools, processes and personnel to provide maximum value. This value is derived from:

  • Standardized end-to-end test processes with proven ROI
  • A 90% reduction in production defects with more than 99% test effectiveness
  • Reliability prediction model aiming for Defect Detection > 95%
  • Improved productivity and effort savings up to 10% every year
  • Faster time to market and increased delivery confidence
  • A 30% increase in resource utilization through the creation of shared services
  • State-of-the-art performance testing and a production monitoring infrastructure to manage critical processes