EMR-EHR Solutions

Partner with CDS for EMR and EHR solutions that evolve with the industry.


CDS Consulting Services provides end-to-end support as you navigate EHR implementation, manage your health information systems cost effectively and ensure that you thoroughly meet healthcare compliance mandates to avoid penalties.

We achieve this through our Healthcare Business Model:

  • EHR implementation and clinic activities
  • IT healthcare infrastructure
  • Attainment of “Meaningful Use”
  • HIPAA privacy and security mandates

Client Challenges

Currently, Healthcare is facing reform with disruptive operational challenges due to changes and governmental mandates imposed on healthcare providers. Protecting medical records is another vital concern in this industry. We assure secure IT systems that work effectively with your EHR, one of the more critical concerns for clients in this industry. CDS offers a unique approach by aligning people, processes and technology while strengthening the culture that strives to create and maintain client credibility and trust.

Ensuring your clients can reliably count on you for your classics is essential. With extensive experience in healthcare and IT systems, we fully understand all aspects of healthcare systems and government health compliance mandates. We know how to make these seemingly disparate processes to work in harmony.

Harness our extensive experience and innovation to keep you competitive in the fast-growing healthcare industry.

What CDS Provides

CDS is well known for their work strategy and approach – CDS works with you through the complexities of identifying the right solutions. We quickly comprehend how your requirements and needs fit into your existing system, and manage the process of integrating change into your practice.

Our experts meet and exceed your expectations in various areas of healthcare operations including  technical support, Meaningful Use, EMR selection, EMR implementation, advanced customization and data conversion.

Business Value

CDS’s EMR and EHR services can help healthcare organizations:

  • Improve patient care and the ability to make better-informed decisions
  • Reduce physical storage by eliminating paper charts
  • Aggregate patient data to enable collaboration between multiple providers
  • Provide availability of records from remote locations
  • Improve portability between various clinics within a healthcare group
  • Support continuity of care
  • Provide the centralization of health history

CDS understands the inherent complexity of healthcare technology and data and will work with you to organize it in an efficient and user-friendly environment.

CDS Healthcare Services with Best Vendor Tool Solutions

CDS utilizesleading vendor tools in the healthcare industry to flawlessly achieve client requirements. Some of the tools we use are: Cerner Solutions, Epic, Allscripts, SiemensMeditech, McKesson Services and GE Healthcare Services.