Contract to Hire

Hiring Paradigm that Creates a Winning Situation for Everyone


Contract-to-hire gives employers time to evaluate a candidate’s performance on-site – ensuring the new employee meets expectations and fits the company’s culture – before making a final hiring decision. It also gives potential employees time to assess the company and decide if it’s a good fit for a long-term engagement. Both parties stand to benefit in this hiring model.

A successful contract-to-hire placement requires defining expectations up front and ensuring that both the staffing partner and hiring manager agree on one goal and the path to get there. Open communication and a strong partnership is the key to success.

Steps in the Contract-to-Hire Cycle



Hiring the right talent is time consuming and expensive. Our service takes the burden off your shoulders and places them in our hands. We have the resources and support to place talent on a trial basis, so you can evaluate before hiring.

Talent acquisition with reduced risk and overhead

We’ll ease the administrative burden inherent to full-time employee recruitment by providing you with highly qualified candidates from our rich talent pool. We take care of the small details, so you can focus on putting people to work.  In addition to evaluating, screening, and interviewing, we’ll retain the candidate on our payroll during the contract-to-hire period, so the administrative work is covered.  We absorb approximately 53 administrative hours from your watch when we bring one candidate to your door – saving you time, resources and money.

Benefits of contract-to-hire staffing

At CDS, we consider it a great compliment when you offer our contract-to-hire consultants a permanent position. We work hard to place the right talent when we fill this type of position.  We know you are looking for a long-term relationship, so we invest time to find the piece that makes your organization complete. The recruiting process can be time consuming, but making the wrong hiring decision can be detrimental to your organization. We lift this burden from you so you can focus on running projects.

Our contract-to-hire staffing solutions offer unique benefits:

  • Cost-effective, low-risk way to recruit skilled professionals
  • Ensures employer and candidate satisfaction before commitments are made
  • Projects and open positions are staffed on a timely basis
  • Flexible contract durations for different hiring programs
  • No unemployment costs, benefit payments, or other costs if the hiring does not take place