PeopleSoft Administration and DBA Support

CDS services are reliable and affordable. What does that mean for you? Quick access to administrative and technical support for your database needs that delivers as promised.


CDS is an on-shore PeopleSoft managed services support provider. We customize service deliverables to meet your needs including tasks such as: system monitoring and maintenance, troubleshooting, security, recovery, capacity planning, installing, upgrading, configuration and more.

Expertise Makes the Difference: CDS is all about administering systems from top to bottom. Our DBA’s know the inner workings of PeopleSoft from the Application layer back to the Database and Infrastructure, providing extra value to our clients.

We simultaneously provide two skill sets at one rate with DBA services delivered by seasoned Oracle, SQL and DB2 Certified professionals:

  • A unique blend of PeopleSoft Database and System Administration skills in one resource
  • Effective communication and best practice execution to enhance performance and improve system efficiency
  1. Straight Forward Pricing

    Our flexible remote DBA service approach offers excellent cost alternatives. We price our services based on the needs of each client. Our customers enjoy the benefits of full-time service availability while paying for part-time resources. This eliminates the need to address downtime or performance issues.

  2. Skilled PeopleSoft DBAs

    Boost your PeopleSoft Technical expertise with a part-time DBA to augment or offload your internal DBA Staff. We’ll take care of everyday tasks like patches, bundles and fixes, so your DBAs focus on more business critical work. Our fixed-fee DBA program offers full-time coverage at a fraction of the cost. We eliminate the need to employ a full-time, on-site DBA and offer 24X7 monitoring and maintenance services with a dedicated senior level PeopleSoft Application DBA. We manage the resource, you manage the results!

  3. Service Without Bounds

    The physical location of your hardware has no impact on our ability to deliver the high quality database administration and support our client base has demanded for many years. Whether your systems are on-site or in a hosted location, CDS can help – wherever you are, whenever you need us.