PeopleTools & PeopleCode

PeopleTools is the proprietary software development environment created by the PeopleSoft. PeopleTools consists of: Application Designer, Application Engine, Data Mover, PeopleCode and various other components.


Application Designer is the core application used to create and customize PeopleSoft applications. The following is a brief list of the functions included in Application Designer:

  • Field Definition
  • Record Definition
  • Page Definition
  • Page Group (component) definition
  • Menu Definition
  • Business Process Design (workflow)
  • Project Definition
  • PeopleCode

PeopleCode is the proprietary programming language used within Application Designer for the development of PeopleSoft applications. It is used primarily for field validations on pages.  If a field needs initializing, a default assignment or validation, we add PeopleCode to take care of it, easily and effectively. We have extensive experience using PeopleCode to support our clients.